Lab Report Writing Assignment Design

Although all engineering instructors are professional writers, they may struggle with assigning writing projects to students. Well-designed writing assignments lead directly to student learning. Traci Gardner from the National Council of Teachers of English identifies three goals for a writing assignment: 

To support student learning and writing in the context of lab report writing, engineering instructors should address the following to students as explicitly as possible when preparing lab report assignments:

1. Define the lab writing task:

2. Define expectations for the lab writing task:

3. Provide supplemental and supporting materials:

Assignment Examples

Assignment examples for different types of lab reports are offered here: 

These examples can be opened in Google Docs and downloaded as common filetypes by hovering over the example and clicking the button, or text can be copied and pasted. 

Sample 1: Lab Report (as a Technical Report) Writing Assignment
Sample 2: Lab Report (as a Research Paper) Writing Assignment
Sample 3: Lab Report (Memorandum or Letter as a Format) Writing Assignment
Sample 4: A technical memo as a lab report (a technical memorandum) writing assignment

If you missed the assignment example on the home page, be sure to look at it too!